Discover the Best Foods to Eat, the Greatest Way to Start Your Day, and an easy 3-Step Routine to Clear Your Mind, Body and Heart All Revealed Through Your Eyes

An Introduction to Iridology and How it Could Be the #1 Missing Link to Understanding Your Unique Health Needs

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Our 2-hour Interactive Workshop Live

Time for Q&A with Our Certified Iridologist Dani

BONUS: The Food, Drinks, and Supplements Guide for Your Eye Color

BONUS: A Handout for the 9 Core Types






It's so nice to have a better understanding of myself.

I think about all the things you taught me all the time. When I’m feeling off or not in the flow then I know how to handle it. I’m like I need my tea! I need to go on a walk! I need to be alone. And it’s just so nice to have a better understanding of myself. - Bri. E - Human Resources Partner, Denver, CO


Attend An Intro to Iridology Workshop on October 15th and if it doesn’t exceed your expectations, teach you about the basics of Iridology, give you foods to try and a daily wellness routine to sample, just email us at and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.

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