The First Glance dives into your iris type. There are 9 core types.

This gives you insight into what your eyes show about your main personality traits, your strengths and the challenges your iris type commonly faces. 

Knowing this information gives you a fresh look at the habits and choices you’re making like staying up too late, eating foods that are too rich or people pleasing. 


“Your video was spot on for me! Thanks so much!” - John, Denver, CO

Having constant anxiety leading you to imagine the worst-case scenarios with money, relationships and your health?

Feeling incompetent or not as smart as others because it seems to take you longer to make decisions or find the right words to say?

Do you wonder what might be wrong with you because everyone else seems to have more energy?

Is your self-confidence eroding because you can’t focus, always bouncing from one idea to the next with tons of unfinished projects?

Are you frequently in ruts thinking you’re worthless because you can’t figure out what you actually want in life?  Or what makes you special and unique?

“You were just a delight--you were funny, had great metaphors, you are so genuine, and I could tell how passionate you are about this, and I just really loved the whole thing.” - Bri, Denver, CO

Learn the basics about how your body type works. 
For example, you could learn that your digestion moves more slowly, so you need to eat more simple food combinations, take digestive enzymes and give yourself extra time to process your thoughts and feelings.

When you understand your body and mind on this level, it’s easier to choose foods, drinks, activities and people in your life that will actually make you feel good. 

We cover the signs that you’re out of balance or not on your “A-game.”
Like two sides of a coin, we have an in-balance and out-of-balance version of ourselves. An example is that in balance we might be patient with clear sinuses. That same type out of balance would be overreactive and congested.

Knowing what your out-of-balance self acts like can help you to more quickly recognize when you need a reset. Life’s too short to not be feeling our best. Am I right?

Your video covers all of this and:
3 Tips for your mind, body and heart that we call keys. 
These are easy, daily activities designed to keep you energized, confident and ready to put your best foot forward every day.

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“It’s been great to let go of the story that I might be two-faced since I learned that a  gift of mine is to see two sides to a situation.”-  Madeline, Vail, CO

Total Value: $400

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“I’ve learned how to get my body and mind back in check!” - Annabel, Boulder, CO

What will you learn in your First Glance video?

What you'll receive...

  • The markings and colors that show us your type
  • 3 - 5 key personality traits revealed by your iris type
  • Strengths of your type so it’s easier to make choices of what your career should be or who you should date
  • The main challenges your iris type typically faces so you no longer feel crazy and understand yourself more deeply
  • A list of the physical/mental/emotional symptoms that act as the first clues you’re getting out of balance so you can reset quickly and effectively
  • An explanation of how your body works so you understand where your body needs extra care and attention
  • 3 key activities for your mind, body and heart that are easy to add to your life, yet powerfully help you live in your strengths and keep you balanced

  • Identification of your iris type from a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist.......$150
  • 10 - 15 minute long video explaining your iris type.....$150
  • BONUS: The Food, Drinks, and Supplements Guide for Your Eye Color.....$100

“I learned that some of the things I thought were weaknesses are actually strengths, but more importantly, how to use and make the best of these things.”

- Debbie, Arvada, CO