"I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but I can't believe how spot on you were."

 I LOVED watching my video, and I need to watch it about 100 more times so I don't miss anything.  You were just a delight--you were funny, had great metaphors, you are so genuine, and I could tell how passionate you are about this, and I just really loved the whole thing.  Also, there were points in the video where I almost cried because you were explaining things to me that I've never had the words to explain--or things that I thought only I experienced because I'm weird or whatever, but I was able to totally resonate with the narrative you provided.  I have to admit that when I first saw your whole iridology stuff I was skeptical--but also super interested.  But I am always interested in health and wellness, bettering myself, and I've always thought you were a badass (like seriously- ever since we shared a bus stop in middle school), so I just knew that I wanted to see what you had to say about my eyeballs.  And holy moly, I was so surprised!  Like pleasantly really surprised how spot on you were.

- Bri E - Denver, CO

Dani came over to my home for the afternoon and introduced the very interesting subject of Iridology to a group of my friends and I. We were all really impressed by how spot on her analysis was of each personality, and we had a great time. I see her work having the power to bring any group closer together.

-Vicki K. - Fort Collins, CO

I have a regular book club, and instead of discussing books, we had Dani come over one night during our meeting. She analyzed each person's Iris type and gave a presentation explaining each Iris personality type. We had such a wonderful time hearing about our own type and those of our close friends. She was very accurate and brought a loving and fun energy to the process. Dani's work is great for an entertaining group activity but also has the potential to bring a group more deeply together. I highly recommend working with Dani!

- Jana D. - Fort Collins, CO

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the study of the colored part of the eye for personality and health information